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The island of Sal is a destination for lovers of the beach, the sea, diving, terraces, bars at night, and resorts.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the island of Sal if you come looking for rest and beach. The island of Sal has everything to spend beautiful days enjoying the sea, watching the fishermen, and also has a wide range of restaurants, cafes and bars. There are small tours to get to know the island of Sal and sports activities to do on the beach. Those who come to the island of Sal looking for the Cape Verdean soul will be disappointed. This will be the island where it will be hardest to find it. But that's the beauty of Cape Verde, where every island has its charm, and Sal has its charms too. It is there on the island of Sal that you will probably find the most beautiful beaches in the archipelago.

The inhabitants of Sal say that they have learned to live with what the island gives them: salt, sun, sand, and wind. And indeed they have, and have turned the island of Sal into one of the islands with the most job opportunities and in 30 years the population has quadrupled on the island of Sal.