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Rent a car in São Vicente

São Vicente is known for the great musicians, writers, and thinkers of Cape Verde. Cesária Évora, the most famous Cape Verdean singer to date is from São Vicente.
Its capital, Mindelo, is the island's cultural center that boasts a rich history of music and art. The lively buzz of music resonates across the pubs, restaurants, and nightclubs, making Mindelo's nightlife vibrant.
São Vicente guarantees a fulfilling cultural and traditional experience.

Laginha Beach in Mindelo is a beautiful bay like white sand beach. Apart from Laginha Beach, most of the other beaches in São Vicente are great spots for windsurfers - mainly between November and April. One of the most known is Sandy Beach in Calhau when in 1997 was made part of the European professional circuit for windsurfing.

Cross by ferry to Santo Antão

Some of our car rental partners in São Vicente allow you to cross to Santo Antão by ferry.
This can be a great option if you are planning a 1 or 2 day trip to Santo Antão. Not only you won't find many car rental companies in Santo Antão, it also avoids the overhead of renting a car for such a short period.
Please bear in mind not all cars are suitable to drive in Santo Antão. Due to the characteristics of the landscape, the car rental supplier allows only high clearance vehicles there, such as the Toyota Prado or the Dacia Duster.
The ferry departs from Mindelo and takes around 1h to get to the other side. At the end of the rental the car must always be returned to São Vicente.